Kirtipur Milap Church
Reconcile yourself.
Let’s reconcile.
Let’s reconcile others.
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Welcome to Kirtipur Milap Church


Thank you for visiting our website! 

Here you will find information about our web-based church and its services. We hope that time you spend here will change your thinking, attitudes, and behavior. Our church is a church that loves, cares, and teaches you to live a quality life, and we want you to feel comfortable and have the freedom to call and meet us for anything you need. Welcome to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our association. If you are moving to our area from your place, welcome, we would like to make brother & ‎sister.‎

When you come to our church, you will find

  • You will get an atmosphere of love and care.
  • You will learn God & Word and grow.
  • You will get to learn and teach to live a quality life.
  •  You will be able to be the carrier of reconciliation and transformation for the change of society.



Your donation to Kirtipur Milap Church can transform the community to be more stronger and tighten the trust of our people.