Kirtipur Milap Church
Reconcile yourself.
Let’s reconcile.
Let’s reconcile others.
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History of Kirtipur Milap (Reconciliation) Church, kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
In the case of the Kirtipur Reconciliation Church, four churches were operating
independently in different locations from one year to 16 years in kirtipur municipality
(Chovar Methodist Church – Chovar, Salvation Methodist Church – Pandechhap, Command
Church – Samal, and Kipu United Methodist Church – Tangalafhant ).
               (2010-11) Since 2067, pastors and believers of these churches have held several
joint meetings with continuous prayers, but the following decisions were taken at the last
1. To abolish the previous churches & names, places, and leadership.
2. To manage the previous human resources and resources.
3. Select new leadership and name the church & Kirtipur Milap Church
4. To run the church at Town Planning from Saturday, April 25, 2011.
The churches were merged into a separate one with the following far-reaching objectives.
1. To glorify God in Christian and non-Christian societies.
2. Witnessing Christian Unity.
3. To conduct organized and systematic church service and ministries.
4. To search for human resources and resources and make proper management.
5. To transform society through effective means etc.
Since Saturday, April 25, 2011, there has been a regular church operation and ministry called
Kirtipur Milap Church”. This church has the following vision, mission, values, strategy,
and plans and programs for continuous service in the coming days.