Kirtipur Milap Church
Reconcile yourself.
Let’s reconcile.
Let’s reconcile others.
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Spiritual Department

1.Plan & Activities

a. Means of Grace
  1. Church Worship-Coir/Master of Ceremony/Speaker: Preaching
  2. Holy communion: Baptism & Lord supper
  3. Giving
  4. Prayer (one another)
  5. Spiritual Gifts
  6. Fellowship
  7. Evangelism
  8. Caring & sharing: personal
  9. Cultural & tradition
  • Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Birthday, Dedication, Engagement, Matrimony(wedding), Funeral Service, Memorial service
b. Youth Ministry
c. Women Ministry
d. Children Ministry
e. Prayer Ministry
f. Home Ministry
g. church planting Ministry

2.Supervision & Evaluation